Classic Motorcycle Mecca, New Zealand

This is an excellent collection opened in 2016 in a lovely old building in downtown Invercargill.  It is associated with the excellent Bill Richardson Transport World and a combination ticket is available.  The collection features mostly American and British makes with some Italian and German bikes as well.  It also features a fair number of sidecar rigs and even a couple of Morgan three-wheelers, properly identifying them as being registered as motorcycles rather than cars.  The space is beautiful and the bikes are imaginatively displayed with excellent lighting.  One strength of this collection is the number of bikes from a given manufacturer, which allows for comparison between different models and years.  As a good example, I don’t recall ever seeing so many Brough Superiors in one place.  Look closely at the photos and you will see the groupings of bikes, a row of Indians or Harleys or Triumphs, etc.  A really nice collection; highly recommended.


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