Toutes les Machines du Monde


Technical and Railway Museums arranged by rating

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Auto & Technik Museum, Sinsheim, Germany    ★★★★★

Now THIS is a fun museum, with something for everyone.  It is indeed a technical museum and not solely an automotive museum.  You want to compare the Concorde to its Russian SST counterpart? Step right up.  You want tanks and military equipment?  This is the place.  Lots of fun exhibits, but at its core it is an excellent display of automotive memories, with hundreds of wonderful cars on display.  Outstanding!  Located not far from the similar collection at Speyer, we hope to see that one soon.

National Technology Museum, Prague, Czech Republic     ★★★

This is a nice technical museum, with exhibit rooms covering Architecture, Photography, Television, Astronomy and other areas.  Our focus is the Transportation collection, which includes various planes and trains in addition to automobiles and lots of motorcycles.  It is a varied collection with an emphasis on Czech manufacturers such as Tatra, Skoda, CZ, and Jawa, but also including other manufacturers.  Pride of place for me goes to the unrestored 1938 Mercedes-Benz W154 grand prix car that was driven in many races by three time European champion Rudolf Caracciola.  Not up to the standards of the Auto & Technik Museum at Sinsheim but if you’d like a break from the many other things to do in Prague it makes a nice change of pace and you’ll find things here that won’t be seen in other museums.  

National Railway Museum, York, England     ★★★★

This is a wonderful museum filled with great machinery and displays.  It is housed, not surprisingly, in York’s old train station.  Unfortunately, the natural light coming in from the skylights does not aid the photographer, but the trains and other displays more than make up for it.  Well worth the visit if you are in the area, and it is walking distance from the cathedral and old town.  We have also visited the subsidiary NRM site in nearby Shildon and have included some photos from there as well.  While also interesting and worthy of a visit, it is naturally a lesser site than the main display at York.

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