Bill Richardson Transport World, New Zealand

This is a wonderful new museum in a purpose built facility covering an entire city block.  It just opened in 2015 and while it is billed as primarily a truck museum, it is much more than that.  While there are said to be 140 trucks, there are also many wonderful old cars, tractors, and memorabilia of all sorts.  There is something of a focus on the early work of Henry Ford, including examples of all but one of the models he produced between his original Model A and the 1908 debut of the Model T.  It is great to see them all together; something I have not come across before.  All in all this is an excellent collection and it is beautifully displayed.  While many of the vehicles are shown in clean but unrestored condition, this in no way detracts from the quality of the museum and those vehicles that have been fully restored are beautifully done.  If you can find your way to Invercargill at the southern tip of New Zealand, I can highly recommend a visit to this museum.


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